💡 Bundle Ideas

➡️ A daily ritual
Enjoy one juice + one Ginger Bomb per day. We love upping our green veggie intake with a green juice first thing in the morning, followed by a Ginger Bomb post lunch to help us get through the rest of the day.

➡️ A half day, mini morning cleanse
Half day cleansing is popular and simplified version of a full day cleanse. Drink 3 juices after waking in the morning and before a late lunch. Don't forget to drink water in between, too!) Work hard, sleep, and repeat!

➡️ A full day cleanse
Fill it with greens, and some sweet treats too! Drink a juice every 2-3 hours and a tall glass of water in between each juice. You will surely "Feel the Heal". For added nutrient absorption (and if you get extra hungry), add in a handful of raw nuts and seeds (the healthy fats!)