Let's do catering.

A refreshingly modern and healthy approach to event catering.

Looking for healthy alternatives for your next event or gathering? Look no further. Nute Juice offers comprehensive catering services designed to cater to the needs of health-conscious individuals and businesses. Make your next event the talk of the town by catering with Nute Juice.

We offer a wide range of à la carte options including:

  • bulk discounts
  • mini size bottle options for all flavors
  • large radius delivery (beyond local!)
  • display set-up
  • staffed catering - set up, distribute, break down
  • and more

Our dedicated team can handle everything, from display set-up to staffed catering, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish. We also offer unstaffed catering options.

What Sets Us Apart

What sets Nute Juice apart from the competition is our commitment to being 100% unpasteurized and raw. We believe in preserving the natural goodness of our ingredients and ensuring that you get the highest quality juice possible. With our top-of-the-line machinery, we create smooth, flavorful juices bursting with nutrients.

Unleash the Power of Healthy Catering

Replace traditional catering with a new, healthier, nourishing options that will leave your guests feeling refreshed and revitalized. With our juices, you can offer a unique and health-conscious experience that will make your event truly memorable.

We've already set the bar high for new store openings, open houses, yoga retreats, cooperate events, and music gatherings. The sky is the limit!

Tell us your needs or simply inquire for more info. Use the form below or give us a call (201)572-4201.

Lets do this.